Welcome to my website

Hi, Thanks for dropping by. I really hope you find something useful here, and if you don't, maybe you can tell me where you do find it in the end. I'm always looking for something useful. If your looking for someone to 'freelance' on an 'IT' issue for you you have come to the right place. I specialise in LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I'm also conversant with multiple variations of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML and many other web technologies. I can work my magic in Front-end or Back-end environments.

Java Script Numbers

Here is the best example I could find for evaluating numbers in JavaScript.

function isInt(value) {
return !isNaN(value) &&
parseInt(Number(value)) == value &&
!isNaN(parseInt(value, 10));

With Bitwise operations

Simple parse and check

function isInt(value) {
var x = parseFloat(value);
return !isNaN(value) && (x | 0) === x;

Short-circuiting, and saving a parse operation:

How To Be An Expert

Here is a snippet from a Blog-post I put up at www.imbi.com.au It has to do with the (impossible) woes of someone trying to be an 'expert' at every kind of CMS and Framework.

In this ever changing world, it seems as though every year (or perhaps more frequently), someone is creating a new PHP Framework or CMS

Bounce Rating Update

Hello World, I have just completed updating my www.bouncerating.com blog website which runs on Drupal 8. It doubles as a testing ground for some D8 development which hooks in with some other projects I'm working on.

Bounce-Rating Dot-Com is also an information portal/blog on subjects related to website bounce rate reduction, landing page best practices and on getting the maximimum value from your SEM (search engine marketing) expentiture.


As time progresses I will be adding tutorial information and videos to this website and to my YouTube channel.

Subjects will include, Joomla 3, JavaScript basics including prototyping and some PHP.

If you would like to request a tutorial on a certain subject, please leave a comment below. Thanks.